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If you are struggling to find real locally sourced food, raised with integrity that will nourish you and your family, and if you would like to connect more with your food by knowing the people that raise it, please keep reading.

We started to rethink the traditional food we were eating some years ago and started raising our own meat and eggs on our small farm to give our family the best nourishment possible. We believe the food that becomes "bone of your bone, and flesh of your flesh" has the power to strengthen, to boost, and even to heal your body with nourishment. Our farm is 100% pasture based, which means all the animals we raise spend there time in their natural environment grazing on grass and foraging all day. which produces healthy animals, healthy people, and builds soil. 

So if you believe food can in part also be medicine, we encourage you connect with us via the email sign up, tour the site, stop by the farm store, and get to know the farmers raising your food. 

Current Farm Offerings

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Pastured Eggs

Fry’em, Scramble’em, put’em on toast and you will have a protein packed breakfast. You and the children need a quick snack? Just hard boil a dozen of our pastured eggs to ensure the whole family gets the Omega 3’s, Vitamins A & B, and Beta Carotene they need. Plus, a colorful assortment of brown, white, and pastel green eggs in a decorative basket gives your kitchen counter a nice country touch!

Pastured Thanksgiving Turkey

A farm fresh, never frozen, white breasted turkey at the center of your dining room table while you and loved ones share that special once a year meal. Now that’s a great conversation starter!

Pastured Poultry

Get two awesome meals for the effort of one with one of our pastured chickens. A roasted chicken done on the barbecue the first night and have enough leftovers in the fridge to make the kids teriyaki chicken sandwhiches. Go Mom!

Raw Food Pet Snacks

Your little (or big) furry friend will appreciate the vitamin packed raw snacks you give him or her, especially when it's fresh off the farm and not out of a tin can. 


Future Season Offerings

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Forest Glade Pork

Turn a boring cold cereal Saturday morning breakfast into something worth getting out of bed for with sausage or bacon with toast and eggs. Or start a Sunday morning tradition with a protein packed sausage and egg breakfast casserole. Have a busy Saturday? Throw a shoulder roast into the crock pot with some barbecue sauce  and come home to a delicious barbecue pulled pork sandwich dinner. 

Grass Fed Beef

Brown up two pounds of our grass-fed hamburger and you're set for at least  two or three easy meals. It's tacos one night and chili the next.  Cook up two meatloafs with one for dinner and the other in the fridge for the evening when you've had a long day and your oldest child has back-to-back soccer games. Have the Johnson's over for dinner and tell them their steak is from a local farm and you actually met the cow. (How come the Johnson's always get invited?) 


Monthly Pastured Meat Selection

A monthly assortment of pastured raised meats, bundled together in a box that's tailored to your families needs.  The pastured meats would consist of pastured beef, chicken, turkey, chicken, eggs, and forested pigs. Working on including some fresh Alaskan river sockeye salmon too! 


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