Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey


A farm fresh, never frozen, white breasted turkey at the center of your dining room table while you and loved ones share that special once a year meal. Please pass the gravy!

Thanksgiving is the most special meal of the year. It involves fellowshipping with loved ones around the dinner table with a big turkey in the middle. 

Our pastured Thanksgiving Turkeys are fresh right off the farm, never frozen and non-GMO. So while you're sitting down around the table you can tell your friends and family about how the carved bird in front of them is fresh from the pastures of a local farm, while the majority of store bought thanksgiving turkeys come from the cages of a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). Now that's a great conversation starter! 

The turkeys are provided are No corn, No soy, GMO-free all natural feed while on the pastures. Because they are on pasture, you can expect a more darker and tender meat. 

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