Pastured Eggs

Pastured Eggs


Fry’em, Scramble’em, put’em on toast and you will have a protein packed breakfast. You and the children need a quick snack? Just hard boil a dozen of our pastured eggs to ensure the whole family gets the Omega 3’s, Vitamins A & B, and Beta Carotene they need. Plus, a colorful assortment of brown, white, and pastel green eggs in a decorative basket gives your kitchen counter a nice country touch!

We understand your desire to feed you and your family the most healthy food while trying to keep up with activities and an active lifestyle, which often means not having much time to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our nutrient dense pastured eggs are a perfect solution. Baking cookies in the kitchen or making pancakes? You can feel good about the wholesome ingredients you are using for any home baking.

Our hens are always foraging on fresh pasture, never confined, scratching away to find bugs and worms. The hens are provided an all natural feed. No corn, no soy, GMO-free. 

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