Pastured Chicken

Pastured Chicken


Get two awesome meals for the effort of one with one of our pastured chickens. A roasted chicken done on the barbecue the first night and have enough leftovers in the fridge to make the kids teriyaki chicken sandwiches. Go Mom! You can give the family two nutritious chicken meals with one whole chicken. Simply add some of your favorite seasonings on the chicken (salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme, lemon, and yes butter) and throw the bird into the oven or a grill. Afternoon already too full? Put the whole chicken into a crock pot and pull off the tender chicken to make soup, barbecue chicken sandwiches, or stir fry, just to name a few. Both options leave you with leftovers for the next day (fist pump!)

Intimidated by cooking a whole chicken? Our blogpost on cooking a whole chicken will give you the recipe and confidence you’ll need to pull it off (Hint: Our pastured chickens are so moist and flavorful, it’s hard to mess it up). 

Keep the bones and carcass and simply add water and tablespoon of vinegar. Allow them to simmer in your crockpot overnight and you’ll have nutrient-dense chicken stock for your next soup!

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