Can I Leave Eggs on the Counter?


Have you seen pictures of a crafty egg basket on a counter-top, but always questioned whether it was safe to keep eggs out? Most people are unaware that it is perfectly safe to store eggs on the counter at room temperature in a basket for a short amount of time. 

But you gotta keep a few things in mind.

  1. Eggs clean from the source leave the natural protection of an egg in tact

    ·      The cuticle (or the “bloom”) is an effective barrier with antimicrobial properties, protecting the egg from harmful bacteria. If eggs are dirty and need washing, the cuticle is removed.

    ·      An average eggshell has around 7,500 pores in it, which means clean eggs are essential.

    ·      Europe doesn’t allow refrigerated eggs (Cold eggs shrink, allowing bacteria in). This means European farmers keep their eggs clean from the start.

  2. Room temperature eggs are easier to cook with

    ·      Many recipes call for room temperature eggs (Mix better with the batter, rises easier)

    ·      Hard boiling eggs is easier with room temperature

  3. An egg basket on the counter-top gives a country touch to a kitchen

    ·      They make great conversation starters (see pictures)

    ·      Can last up to ten days (give or take) on the counter

    Picture your counter-top with a basket of the freshest, local, and most colorful eggs, all at room temperature ready to bake with. 

We must say the ability to have eggs on the counter starts with good animal husbandry.

Why do you say that? - Because when the hens are out on pasture (vs. a confinement pen or dirt floor coop) they keep their feet squeaky clean, and when the nesting boxes have fresh bedding in them, the eggs are collected clean and thus don’t have to be washed nearly as much. No washing or less washing means the cuticle remains in tact, thus no refrigeration required.

How do I know if the eggs I am eating came from a farm that practices clean animal husbandry? Exactly! Knowing the local farmer(s) that raise your food is the key. Here at Abundant Family Pastures we want you to come see the ladies that are laying your eggs and the welfare of their environment, so that you know you are getting the freshest and cleanest eggs.

Even with an in tact cuticle, shelf life is still something to consider. The shelf life of a farm fresh cuticle intact egg is about ten days. But not worry too much here as a study found that salmonella contamination wasn’t even prevalent for eggs at room temperature over 21 days.

Say, Abundant Family Pastures not only has these fresh, local, colorful pasture raised eggs available, but we also offer our eggs in a variety of countertop baskets.